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Miss Jae White has taken over our hearts and wardrobe wish list with her bubbly spirit and impeccable taste. After working years as an Executive Assistant's to SVP/VP's of major brands such as Zac Posen, ASOS, and Nordstrom, Jae felt unfulfilled in the world of consumer dissonance and returns. In the midst of her self-discovery Jae become a Bomb Muva to a baby boy Lenox Marcel, ultimately shifting her purpose towards living a fruitful life with her little one in tow. 

Suddenly inspired by her passion for thrifting, Jae funneled her favorite past-time into an online shopping experience, A Bomb Muva’s Thrift Shop. Each item is handpicked and an extension of a Bomb Muva’s personal style. Her thrifted treasures are sourced to end up in the hands of confident women looking to express themselves through vintage and one-of-kind looks to embellish their own uniqueness. She also founded Issa Pop Up, a curated shopping experience that unifies stylish tastemakers of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products. She hopes to continue connecting people with iconic pieces and timeless styles.